The bike and its components are covered under a two-year warranty, excluding wearing parts. Wearing parts include bearings, seals, cables, cable housing, all lubricants, oil, grease and brake fluid, chain, sprocket, chain rings, brake pads, tyres, handlebar tape and derailleur hangers, among others.

The warranty covers frame and component failure due to manufacturing fault, while riding on tarmac roads under normal riding conditions and within the specifications provided. It does not cover damage or failure caused by incorrect, unintended or negligent use. Failure due to negligence, lack of maintenance, crashes, high-load impact, excessive stress and modifications to the bike, wheels, frame or fork, including the installation of additional components or replacement of worn parts with non-standard replacement parts is not covered by the warranty.

If your bike has been purchased second hand the warranty counts from the day of purchase by the first owner, provided the original proof of purchase is produced.

We reserve the right to repair defective frames and forks or to replace them with a corresponding successor models. Our guarantee starts from the date of purchase. The guarantee only covers the repair or replacement, other costs such as assembly, transport, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Crash Replacement

As we spend so much time out and about on our bikes, crashes and bound to happen. In the event of an accident, the forces exerted on the frame can lead to structural failure during the crash or subsequent use. We would like to offer you the opportunity to replace your damaged CABAL frame at a 10% discount off the retail price to help you to get back on the road as soon as possible. You will receive a comparable frame without components after the frame has been returned to CABAL for further assessment.

The crash replacement service is only valid for damage that may compromise the functionality of the bike and is only available to original owner. This offer is valid up to two years after the date of purchase.

We offer a service to rebuild your replacement bike using the existing components, where possible, for an additional service fee. Your bike will be returned to you as soon as your order has been assessed and processed.

Should you wish to use the crash replacement service, please would you contact us at info@cabalbikes.com with a brief description of how any damage was caused. This will help with our assessment of the crash damaged frame. Our service team will then be in contact with you to look for the most effective and convenient way forward.

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